A divorce coach:

  • is a skilled professional, trained to manage a wide variety of emotions and issues that arise during divorce.
  • helps you make informed decisions about your parenting, lifestyle, family, and social interactions.
  • provides a safe environment to explore feelings of anger, guilt, fear, sadness and frustration.
  • will help you reconstruct emotional boundaries when dealing with your ex-spouse.
  • will help you understand your options of the divorce process.
  • will help you to find a balance between divorce and moving on with life.
  • will help with parenting plans and custody arrangements.
  • will provide guidance and direction to help you find the appropriate resources you need.
  • helps you manage your emotions.
  • assists you to develop goals, etc.

Through the coaching process we will work together to manage emotions, identify the practical realities of your divorce and address issues related to self-esteem.

The coaching process is an opportunity to work with someone whose only goal is to help you through your divorce. Divorce coaching is an essential component of surviving divorce.